Name: Tommy Forman
Full Name: Thomas Ray Forman
Status: Living
Father: Adam Forman
Mother: Nancy Forman
Siblings: Cosmo Forman, Jacob Forman, Noah Forman, Atticus FormanBen FormanSharon FormanBart Forman
Uncles: John Forman, Henry Forman, George Arbuckle, Indiana Whitmore
Aunts: Patty Lewis, Pearl Hopkins
Grandparents: Larry Forman (deceased), Mildred Arbuckle (deceased), Benjamin Whitmore (deceased), Dorothy Strickland (deceased)
Spouse: Samantha Forman
Child: Indy Forman

Thomas Ray Forman is the 2nd son and the 2nd child (born in 1996) of Adam Ray and Nancy Elizabeth Whitmore-Forman.